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Automated Trading

With Capitalise, there’s no more anxiously awaiting the right moment to act. Our natural language-based user interface makes it easy to automate trading scenarios, freeing up your time by empowering you with the most sophisticated crypto-trading tools on the market.


Natural Language-Based Interface

No coding required. Use common, everyday language to program investment ideas.

Loop Your Strategy

Plan for the long run. Repeat your trade indefinitely when you run it in a loop, serving as your long-term investment vehicle.

Manage Positions

Automate everything. Program both your entry and exit and automate your trades from start to finish.

Aggregated Data

Act in real time. Set your conditions and automate your trades using different data sources from more than 60 sources across the web.

Simulation Mode

Test your strategy. Run your strategies in simulation mode using real-time data, totally risk-free.

Buying Power

Maximize potential. Open as many strategies as you want — only strategies that are triggered will use your buying power.


Get notified. Set up notifications for a specified scenario, and we’ll let you know if and when it happens.

Cross-Exchange Trading

Oversee everything. Instantly manage real-time trades across multiple exchanges, on one, central platform.

The Social Arena

Coming soon

In the Social Arena, traders of varying skill and experience benefit from one another in a symbiotic social network of investors. From the rookie trader to the veteran investor, users all along the skill spectrum can work together for the best possible communal outcome.

Backtesting & Optimization

Coming soon

Simulate any scenario using historical data to see exactly how that scenario would have performed. Plus, our platform simultaneously tests alternative scenarios, notifying you if it finds something more successful. Then, you can evaluate these suggestions and modify your strategy accordingly.


December 2017

  • Adapt Capitalise LTD’s proprietary trading platform for cryptocurrency markets
  • Integration with first crypto exchange
  • Launching a closed beta

H1 2018

  • Rollout integration with additional cryptocurrency exchanges

H1 2019

  • Rollout backtesting of investment strategies
  • Rollout Social Arena
  • Rollout integration with additional cryptocurrency exchanges

H2 2019

  • Rollout optimization of investment strategies
  • Rollout Social Arena


The Capitalise Team is made up of expert developers and seasoned financial professionals with firsthand experience working in the fintech field. They’ve forged partnerships with leading brokers worldwide and are working together with global financial institutions. With their synergistic combination of expertise, they’re a force ready to shape the cryptocurrency marketplace.

Shahar Rabin

CEO and Co-Founder

Shahar hails from the world of day trading, where he traded in traditional markets for over 15 years. As an engineer, he developed automated trading systems for the derivatives markets. He has vast experience as a day trader, and has worked as a product manager at various technology companies. Shahar is a DIY enthusiast, favoring projects that use electronic or mechanical tools to provide tangible solutions.

Amir Shiovich

CTO and Co-Founder

Amir has over 12 years of design and development experience under his belt. He’s a proud alumnus of Ben Gurion University, where he earned his BSc in biomedical engineering. Before co-founding Capitalise, Amir spent four years working at SuperDerivatives (acquired by ICE), where he led the R&D team in building the infrastructure for the company’s newest generation of products. His technological specialization focuses on scalable, high performance, and distributed applications.

Yonatan Ben Moshe


Yonatan holds a BSc in information system engineering from Ben Gurion University. He has a full decade of experience as a full-stack developer specializing in development of high performance, cloud-based financial systems, and natural language technologies. Before joining the Capitalise team, he most recently worked at Bolt Solution and SuperDerivatives.

Tzah Granot


Tzah is a full stack software engineer with 10 years of experience leading the development of large-scale distributed systems. He previously worked at SuperDerivatives, where he gained valuable, fintech-specific skills and specialized in big data projects. Tzah earned his BSC in software engineering from Ben Gurion University.

Dori Megori

Head of Product

Dori is a product innovator with more than a decade of experience in the financial industry, both as a trader and as a product manager at various fintech companies. Dori brings his experience in trading systems along with his knowledge of UX design. He holds a BA in business administration and master’s in conflict management from Bar-Ilan University.

Or Sabag

Product Designer

Or began his designer career in the world of digital advertising 13 years ago. In that time, He’s led large advertising campaigns for companies spanning across a wide range of sectors, including Mercedes, Tuborg, EL AL, and Gartner. Or has also designed products for eToro, Percepto, Automation, Engagya, and of course, Capitalise.

Shirly Shirgaonker

QA Engineer

Shirly is a seasoned lead quality assurance engineer, with years of experience working in the financial sector. During that time, she developed her skills in banking, agile methodologies, databases, and mobile applications. Her knowledge touches all tools, concepts, and methodologies under the QA umbrella. She earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration from Bar-Ilan University, where she majored in economics.

Alma Vilcov

Head of Customer Success

Alma is a customer success and professional services executive with strong communication, business and management skills. She comes with an extensive background in startups of all sizes, where she built scalable infrastructures for the future expansion of those companies.


Shaun Djie

Co-Founder and COO, DigixGlobal

Shaun is the cofounder and COO of Digix and an advisor to SwipeCrypto, Indorse, Aditus and PolicyPal. He has a background in algorithmic trading in Ascensus Capital, where he founded the team that traded across Eurex, CME and NYSE markets in FX, commodities futures contracts. Aside from his full time commitment to Digix, he is also the lead organizer of Ethereum Singapore meetup, the largest meetup group of its kind in Asia and third largest in the world. He is also the technical committee member for blockchains in the Singapore Standards Council as jointly organized by IMDA and SPRING Singapore.

Joshua Ho

Founder, QCP Capital

Josh is a lawyer and entrepreneur. He has built e-commerce businesses globally with Rocket Internet and launched ride-sharing ecosystems like Uber and GO-JEK across Asia Pacific. Currently cofounder of QCP Capital - a Quant Crypto fund based in Singapore.

Ken Shishido

Bitcoin Evangelist

Ken is one of Japan’s most famous Bitcoin and cryptocurrency advocates. He’s been co-organizing the Bitcoin Tokyo Meetup Group since 2013 and personally hosted more than 170 meetups over three years. Ken serves as an advisor to many crypto startups and frequently speaks at crypto meetups and events. Ken is a libertarian and believes in sound money and open and free market competition. He lives in Tel Aviv and Tokyo.

Zheng Rong

Founder, Merkle Tree Ventures

Zheng Rong brings over three years of experience in blockchain development, AI, machine learning and payment processing. He was behind successful token sale projects such as Gifto and Quantstamp and spearheads Capitalise's blockchain network partnerships across the region.

Sebastian Stupura

Founder, WINGS.ai

Sebastian is an entrepreneur, visionary, father, and true believer in crypto and blockchain technologies. He’s been an involved advocate of the crypto community since 2013. Sebastian is a co-founder of WINGS and former employee at Crypti. He holds broad multidisciplinary experience in strategic planning, investor relations, information systems, business development, product, and project management.

Stas Oskin

Founder, WINGS.ai

Stas has more than 10 years of experience in engineering and development, as well as management of software, cloud, healthcare, cryptocurrency, and social products and services. He is an entrepreneur, crypto-enthusiast, and lifehacker.

Guy Corem

Blockchain Advisor

Guy is a software developer with experience working at Voltaire, Broadcom, and Intel. A hacker and entrepreneur with a passion for crypto, Guy is an active contributor to the global Bitcoin community. He served as CEO of Spondoolies-Tech, a developer, manufacturer, and vendor of state-of-the-art bitcoin mining rigs.

Adi Karmon Scope

Blockchain Veteran

Adi is an accomplished entrepreneur with a deep knowledge of the digital and cryptocurrency space. She co-founded AppCoin in 2012, raising $8M to build a local currency platform that enabled communities to create, and trade with, their own tokens. Adi previously launched and led 888's Bingo marketing and product management.

Emmanuel Benhamou

Marketing Advisor

Emmanuel is a public policy expert with over 15 years experience in strategic communications. He organized Israel’s first academic conference on blockchain technology, and has managed a wide array of campaigns for clients in the public and private sectors

Yuval Gov

CEO, CryptoPotato.com

Yuval is the co-founder of CryptoPotato, a leading online source for cryptocurrency news and industry developments worldwide. He has over 15 years of trading experience and has been living and breathing crypto since 2013. Yuval holds his BA in economics and management from Tel Aviv University.



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